English Version: Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for participants of Auctioncalendar.de / Auctioncalendar.eu

Terms of Use of Internet advertising and information platform for auctions www.Auctioncalendar.eu , c / o Auction Service GmbH, Im Kohlpfad 11, 74074 Heilbronn, briefly mentioned in the following Auctioncalendar:
These Terms and Conditions of Auctioncalendar regulate the provision of services in the field of online media for providers and seekers of auction and sales offers . The service of Auctioncalendar is to provide an input mask for advertisements to unlock the set via the input screen content and enable the accessibility of advertisements in the Auctioncalendar databases on the Internet for the period agreed with the participants .

1. Recognition of Terms
By participating in Auctioncalendar , whether as a prospective customer , supplier or service provider, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Opposing or deviating conditions of the customer shall not be accepted unless they have been expressly agreed in writing. They apply to both repeat business as well as ongoing business .

2. Subscriber
The participant must be a legal entity and unrestricted legal capacity of natural persons and persons acting companies. Minors are prohibited to ad placement . The participant must indicate the details of his person and the display completely and truthfully . Auctioncalendar provides in the form of databases, only the technical requirements for transmission of advertisements and promotional displays. On the content of the advertisements will not affect Auctioncalendar . In particular, Auctioncalendar is not even the party offering the content.

The participant agrees to treat his user name and password confidential and not passed to third parties. He is also obliged to Auctioncalendar to be informed immediately if there is evidence for a possible misuse of their access .
Auctioncalendar reserves the right to disqualify participants if they violate the terms and conditions .

a) Registered interested parties ( prospective user account )
The registration as an interested in Auctioncalendar is free and can be canceled at anytime in writing .

b ) Registered Provider ( seller account )
To register for the party area at Auctioncalendar proof of activity as a trader auctioneer , auction house, recycler or guardian is to provide , in the form of a commercial register or trade register excerpt .

c ) Registered service ( service account )
To register for the service range at Auctioncalendar , proof must be furnished as a trader , perhaps in the form of a commercial register or trade register excerpt .

3. Rates and Transit Times
The prices and terms , see the Info menu item “ price list “ and “ User Accounts“ from Auctioncalendar. The notice period for this area is 4 weeks to maturity. Redundancies are to be effected in writing .

4. Offers = Show / Ads
The offers may violate the law by either formulation , nor by contents or purpose intended . Auctioncalendar reserves the right to reject bids to modify or delete , as well as to exclude the right to individual providers on duration of participation. Not obtain in particular the following offers: Offers to Purchase, tenders which do not reflect the described range , offers items that can be procured only , not already available to the supplier / seller or the seller here on no contractual available is given , deals with website address , as well as all deals with non APPLICABLE or illegal content .

Offers that were not set in the right section / category will be deleted.
Errors in the information and personal data are to be corrected immediately .
Offers, and the seller no longer available offers are deleted immediately .

5. Liability / warranty
a) Auctioncalendar provides a quotation or information platform available, the provider has to fill itself . Is responsible for the content of Adjusted exclusively the provider . Neither the accuracy or completeness of the contents are checked by Auctioncalendar , will therefore no guarantee of Auctioncalendar for both accepted. The participant shall Auctioncalendar from all claims asserted by third parties for infringement of their rights by its advertisement or any other use of the website by the subscriber to Auctioncalendar asserted .

b ) Auctioncalendar liable to Company for damages if and to the extent Auctioncalendar intent or gross negligence – except in the case of breach of contract , Auctioncalendar here liable for any culpable behavior . Liable towards consumers Auctioncalendar for intent and gross negligence – unless it were a breach of fundamental contractual obligations , it is a case of debtor default or is at fault Auctioncalendar impossibility of performance before . The liability of Auctioncalendar is limited to the expected in the normal course of things damage except in cases of intent or gross negligence. Liability for indirect damage , in particular lost profit, only in case of intent or gross negligence of Auctioncalendar .

6. data storage
Participants of Auctioncalendar agree that your data under this business relationship will be stored and processed electronically.
The data stored for the business relationship information will be treated in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.

7. Copyright and Usage Rights
All information, company logos , texts, programs and images are subject to copyright. Further processing and use in media of any kind is permitted only with prior written consent of the owner.

8. Performance / subject
The performance of Auctioncalendar is provided if the Internet program runs throughout the year , on average at least 90 %. The performance of all services only in the framework of the existing economic and technical capacity. Auctioncalendar is also entitled to operate the services for good cause , such as acts of God , labor disputes to interrupt .

9. Writing and validity
Deviating or supplementary conditions , additional work or changes to these terms and changes in the service descriptions are only valid if they are agreed in writing .

10. Changes in Terms
Changes to the Terms will be posted on the pages of Auctioncalendar.

11. Participant claims / forfeiture / Limitation
All claims against the participant Auctioncalendar for any defects are to be submitted in writing . The assertion of claims is subject to a Ausschlusfrist of twelve months. After the expiration of twelve months , the claims of the participant.

12. Conditions
Consumer within the meaning of the statutory provisions may revoke this contract within 2 weeks after the conclusion towards Auctioncalendar without notice in writing, to meet the deadline, timely mailing .
This right expires as soon as the ad / display the participant is set on the Auctioncalendar site and thus the service of Auctioncalendar is used.

13. Jurisdiction
The license agreement including these terms and conditions is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany . Performance shall be Heilbronn.
If the participant is a merchant , the jurisdiction of Heilbronn. The same applies if the participants residence abroad after conclusion of the contract or has no general jurisdiction in Germany .

14. Severability
If provisions of these terms and conditions be wholly or partially void or should a gap , the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected . The Parties undertake , in this case , to go for the intended purpose by agreeing a substitute provision .